Smell Of Silence series

The project

Silence is the highest form of thought, and it is by developing in us this mute attention to the day that we find our place in the absolute that surrounds us. So, it belongs to us – when everything fails us and everything goes away – to give to our life the patience of a work of art, the suppleness of the reeds that the hand crumples, in homage to winter.

After some reflexion about this word and the feeling that come with, Idecided to made a series called Smell Of Silence. As a way to show through photography and editing, my vision of Silence. This is the #1

Also under the photo you will find a little article about how i see : PHOTO TERAPHY

Smell Of Silence #1

About photography therapy

 After posting this photo on different social networks, I had a lot of good reactions, compliments. I did not expect, some people told me about teraphy by seeing the first serie Smell Of Silence. Because all people like to know more about something they like, I decided to focus on this topic, and make it as my main motivation for the rest of the series.

Above all, is a new and fun therapy that promises to be a hit in France after a great success in the United States and Canada. A simple idea: through an individual photo shoot with a photographer trained in the helping relationship, recognize what is beautiful, attractive and even touching in itself. All those who wish to do good, reassure themselves, come to terms with their image and give themselves a chance to transform themselves in a very soft way”

The process

So, Photography is a powerful tool that allows us to face each other, to look at each other differently. Also to let fears emerge, blockages, beliefs, traumas buried deep within us in order to accept them, to free themselves from them and to reclaim themselves his body, his image, and to love himself gradually without conditions.

It is an emotional job that can be done at any time. Simply when one disagrees with one’s body and / or with the image one is returning. It can be a result of a new job start, a disappointment in love, a health problem, a pregnancy, a weight loss or a difficult birthday, etc. It can also be a deeper work related to self-esteem, problems related to the body, overweight, food compulsions, anorexia, bulimia, disorder of the image, depression, sexuality …

The Smell of Silence- Series by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo - 3

From my point of view of a artist and photographer, the most telling photos, those whose emotions emerge, are those taken on the spot, in the natural world. It is at this moment that the person lets himself go, lets go and is really herself, that its beauty is revealed. Following this observation and passionate about personal development, I wanted to give meaning to my artistic approach, and to transmit my own vision of happiness.

The Smell of Silence- Series by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo - 4
The Smell of Silence #4
Some good comments after i post this on different social media
Hi. I saw your post on Smell of Silence #1 and I made it my phone wallpaper. Ever since then I get a great sense of peace every time I look at my phone. That's a wonderful piece of art and I'm so glad I got to see it.

Thank you so much!

Facebook user
I have been experiencing much more intense anxiety than usual in the past few weeks. For a blissful moment, you stopped the incessant noise going on in my head. The best kind of silence. Thanks

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