A picture taken for 3 years !

What is the exposure time?

In photography, the exposure time, or exposure time, or shutter speed, is the time interval during which the shutter of the camera lets light in when shooting, and therefore the duration of exposure of the photographic film or, in the case of a digital camera, the sensor.

The process

To produce the photographs with the longest exposures, Michael Wesely placed 4 cameras and left the film exposed for almost 3 years, from 2001 to 2004. The white traces in the sky are the successive trajectories on the sun that “burned” the film.


14 months:


More than 2 years:

Michael Wesely

The German photographer Michael Wesely is a photo specialist with a very long exhibition, during the construction of the Museum of Modern Art in New York he was invited to photograph the construction of the building.



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